Friday, May 2, 2008

Back Home

I'm back. Been in Brooklyn, N. Y. Had a great time visiting my daughter and her family! This is a 3 generation photo, we will catch mom in the picture to make it 4 generation - in July.
My granddaughter had a good-sized skin tag removed from her nose surgically, yesterday (after I had to leave, sniff-sniff) and is doing fine. She will need rhino-reconstructive surgery when she gets a little older.
I am anxious to get back to the studio, I have so many ideas in my head!
"iffy" weather happening. Lots of wind and bad storms and predicted for the next few days. Yuck!
Got a notice from the CITY govt., to MOW the lawn at our house in town. Geesh! I think about half the town just mowed for the first time in the last few days and half the town hasn't mowed and had better have gotten the same threatening letter like we did. This is in a town where they allowed a building to lay in rubble for almost a year on Main Street. I checked the lawn on the way home from KC, and it isn't even that bad, maybe just above the ankle?? There is something to be said about owning property in a little town and how this little town views the "newcomers"'s not often with open arms and a kiss on each cheek. Ha! In the meantime, I am rethinking the 'gallery' idea....
And that's today's life in the middle of nowhere for this artist!


Susan Carlin said...

Welcome home, Pattie! Your family is beautiful. The photo begs to be the reason for a painting, don't you think? Missed you around the neighborhood!

Pattie said...

Thanks, Susan! Although I really enjoy being a computerhead at times, it's nice to be away, but something inside me yearns to keep in touch with what "the neighborhood" is doing. So, I am catching up and having a good time at it!