Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Commercial Break - in 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Each morning (for the past 16 days and for the next 14 days) I do some figuring and tracking of this experience with goals and marketing tweaks in mind. This process is in lieu of setting GOALS and making plans for 2014.  Jumping right into this for 30 days, creates a magic time element, that I never seem to have time enough to sort through and come up with a solid and workable 
plan for the new year.

I keep track of :
  • 'traffic', 
  • comments, 
  • where I have visited, 
  • how I posted my work on FB and other social media/blogs/shops/call it 'social proof' -always considering the 'variables' that have to be realized - because there is a REAL ebb and flow to internet 'doings' - taking BIG notes in a spiral notebook - special for this activity ~ "My 30 in 30 JOURNAL"
  • about what to do or fix on certain paintings, 
  • what worked and what didn't in this posting, painting and my thinking, 
  • numbers of digital photo frames of the BEST possible shots for cropping and posting my work (I take many each time I am finished - I save a large file for myself and a small file for posting)
  • note the possible titles I came up with as I narrowed down my brainstormings (this is always tricky)
I also note what had to be done that day, like 'go to the bank', go grocery shopping, remind me that life happens and that I CAN work around life to make art DAILY, if I want to or dare I say, need to.   It's nice to look back on the process you went through, what you were thinking, what worked, what didn't - this is a month long EXERCISE - and all with a purpose
Painting 30 Paintings in 30 Days
with a theme or goal in mind.

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