Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 30 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

This post is long and winded (surprised I have any) 
but have some things I would like to share...
"Well Used and Ready for More"
9" x 12"
oil on Raymar panel

The very MOST inviting space I know!  Finally
we are done with the challenge and I made it!!

Second year - I can think of no better way 
to start a year, if you are a regular painter.
It gets you right in the groove...
and 30 paintings under your belt
in just the first month of the year.  
For me, some very acceptable, some needing
more to be better.

So let's go 2014!
I am warmed up, got the kinks and the bugs out...
if I continue (at a slower pace, of course)
I think I will be painting a good bunch of 
paintings along the way.
Sure, there are gonna still be days of frustration 
and hair pulling...but I am ready.

Thanks to Leslie Saeta for hosting (again) the January event.

A few shots of the process on this one:
My source photo, taken with my Nikon D3200. Sent to my iPad
and clipped to my Sorg easel.

The following photos are taken with my iPhone.  I use all 
three devices for painting each day -
my Nikon camera, my iPad (which is such a great tool)
and my iPhone.

I painted my Raymar panel with cad orange acrylic.
Sketched in my shapes with a white charcoal pencil, 
then used a brush with dark brown to sketch
more boldly - you can see how shaky I was today.

There were very few dark darks - so I began laying
in color masses.

Starting to add more color as I go to 
give me that overall sense of
where I am going.

And as shown at the top - the finished painting.

NOT to go without mentioning, I have had LOTS
of help over the past thirty days.
Pye gets to a point where she watches, 
then plays and then watches some more,
finally jumping down, from her perch nearby,
 climbing up the back of the chair
over my shoulders to settle in my left arm, 
while I paint with my right.
She doesn't stay long, but long
enough to give lots of love, kitten kisses, hugs  and purrs.
She is such a sweetie.
Meeka is not as clingy and
is content to just watch with
an occasional stretch over 
to put her front feet on my 
apron and to look at 
me as if to say,
"I shouldn't be here, bugging you."
But I allow it all the same.

Gonna take a few days off.
Gotta get feeling better.
I think a few full day's rest is on the agenda.

Thanks for visiting.
I very much 
appreciate all of you who have left comments!!!


Victoria on Okinawa said...

We made it! Praying you get the rest you need! Thank you for sharing your process it was so informative and I love seeing the photos of the process. I hate it when people only talk their process and never show in pictures, which I am guilty of myself. Love your cat comments too! Adorable. This painting makes me think of the song: "Shall we dance?" from the original "King and I" musical but I want to rephrase it to "Shall we paint?" it speaks to me that way, even before I read the post! Awesome painting! For me it is also catch up on preparing for teaching art projects that I had to let slide while doing this challenge and getting my studio cleaned up, it is a wreck! Rest, rest and more rest until you are recovered. Take good care of yourself! Looking forward to what all the rest of this painting year you will share!

Margaret S Milligan Fine Art said...

very interesting post and love the piece!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks so much Victoria! 'Shall we dance' would be a great title. and YES we shall paint on! Good luck on the studio cleaning, and the art teaching - WE DID IT!!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Margaret - I am comin right over to see your finish..

Anonymous said...

Love seeing this process!