Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

9" x 12"
oil on canvasboard

Glad I chose this theme, INVITING SPACES, because it seems that in my
pile of photos to paint, I can come up with a myriad
of reasons why each one is fits the theme.

A couple of years ago, one piece of our RV summer trip was through Utah - specifically
Arches National Park.

I could spend many days there, photographing.
I have tons of these rock formation photos, but found this one to be so interesting
with the blue sky sticking through the naturally formed arch.

Thinking of how many millions of years these rocks have withstood
the tests of time and the elements.
Amazes me!

1 comment:

Victoria on Okinawa said...

As I also wrote on your fb page! Awesome! Makes me homesick for New Mexico! Love that blue sky! The composition is great too! As well as with the painting process itself! Great painting Pattie!!!