Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DAY 29 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

"Reading Lamp"
4 1/2" x 10 3/4"
oil on wood

I am intrigued by lamps with lightbulbs 
under those lampshades.
Not an easy one, and I 
am not sure I have done it justice.
My walls aren't this color of green, but
I liked this green better 
for this painting.
Painting for me - just me today.

This is my living room lamp with
it's reflection into a large glass over 
a print hanging there.
I like it turned on, instead of the 
bright overhead light, but
I don't like it when the 
TV is on and the drapes are closed ~
too much glare.

It is probably the most inviting sight/light in the room.

Painted under the influence of mega pharmacy meds
hands were shaky and I could NOT make a 
straight line if I had to and I tell 
myself it's a good thing.

Hey - #30 coming right up!


Victoria on Okinawa said...

You're a trooper Pattie! and this painting is fantastic! I love the colors and the coziness! You are doing great even though you are heavily medicated!!! Who cares about straight lines anyway, that's what machines do, well at least they appear to be but even a machine can not make a straight line! Your lines are more interesting just the way they are! As always I love your colors!!!

Pattie Wall said...

Right on Victoria! I appreciate your comments so much - you rock!