Friday, July 11, 2008

Look Alikes

When you have children, your first one usually looks like their father, not always, but often is my experience. They say it's natures way to tell the dad it's his, so he can bond with the baby right away. My daughter is a mixture both sides of her family. She has a little bit of me and a little bit of her dad and his sister. At times, she has looked a lot like me, I guess because of our 'big baby blues'. She also has a trademark expression. So much so, that my son-in-law, who is an artist, has done several paintings showing that famous scowl of hers. He is excellent at narrating expression with acrylic paint. My sister-in-law told me she had a photo of me with that same expression. I didn't believe it, however, today I received the evidence via email. You can be the judge. The photo is me eating an ice cream cone on a trip to Georgetown, in Colorado, many years ago.

Painting by James Burns, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Mark Bridges said...

Hehe. Looks like you dropped you icecream and your wiener dog ate it.

Pattie said...

Hey ya, maybe that's where I get that look from....bad dogs!