Thursday, July 10, 2008

When Lightning Strikes

Last night, clouds rolled across the prairie and performed a super light show. I grabbed my camera and attempted to capture at least one of the lightning strikes. It was dusk and I needed to create a shutter speed that would capture it, but be able to see it, too. Shooting lightning is very tricky! My reflexes weren't up to it, certainly! This is one photo that shows some lightning, although not anything like what was going on for the most part.

As an artist, I really appreciate other art. It inspires and comforts me. On May 24, I posted a "Where I Stand Sunday" blog, which my new friend Susan Carlin found interesting and asked if she could 'paint' it. It was so wonderful, I purchased it from her. The photos below show the original photo and the painting. The photo of the painting, doesn't do it justice, as the colors are really great! It is 6" x 8". I have the perfect frame for it, and it is going on the wall where I can see it daily!

Boy, that's my feet - alright!
Also, I have a friendship that I gleaned through blogging. Leann lives in Michigan, and paints daily in watercolor, makes prints and rubber stamps and does lots of mixed media fiber art. She also cooks and bakes, writes about the music concerts she attends and has a very colorful life!
Leann has sent me several handpainted postcards. I received one while I was in KC. You can see it below. It reminds me of a time in middle school, when we used to take large square grid paper and try to draw a different object in each square. Leann painted a different object in each square. This one will also go into a frame and be a daily viewer! The post office was kinda rough on this one. Their machines tore the surface a little. I have been noticing that more lately, have you? You would think since we pay so much more for mailings and they certainly can afford equipment that doesn't wreck your mail, that it wouldn't happen. Hmm.

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Susan Carlin said...

It's so fun to see that painting again! Thanks for posting it!