Thursday, July 24, 2008

Visual Fun

Check this site out, especially if you are a photographer or an artist who might be experiencing "artist block". In it you will find so many things to play with, including many ways to look at composition. I love the "multicolor search lab". The filters are amazing! You choose the colors and shared photos are plugged into the grid of pictures that include those colors.
The "visual search lab" lets you put in key words of subject matter - photos including those items are displayed. For example, I put in "horse" and separately I put in "weimaraner". Try "wedding" those of you who shoot weddings, lots of ideas there. Also there is a BYO section where you can put in one of your own photos and they match it with similar photos. It's lots of fun, especially if you are like me, and it's way too hot to do much else right now. The IDEE blog is reading worthy also! Have fun!

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