Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back at it - Again!

Sorry, for no “Where I Stand Sunday” this week, I was at the mercy of “dial-up” service where I happened to be…and you know how that goes, especially with me! Whew! It’s good to be back. I missed my blog – hope you did, too! I returned home last night. I have been away for 25 days. However, as my compatriot Dorothy Gale said, “There’s no place like home!”

I have felt very out of touch with my little world and I am sure there will be some adjustment to be ‘normal’ once again. Hubster was involved in wheat harvest with our neighbor while I was away. He took a few great photos to keep me up to date of life on the ‘home front’. Here is a great sunset, over the harvest equipment.

I have spent a lot of time with my family over these several weeks. Our Annual ‘Gray’ Family Reunion was perfect, as usual, for catching up with relatives and just kicking back – “on the lake”. My aunt held a “Celebration of Life” ceremony, as 3 members of our clan passed away this year, my cousin Kay, and her mom and dad, Aunt Gwen and Uncle Harold. There was a short service for them at the guest house with lots of photos and memories shared and then a celebration for the three new babies born this year, my granddaughter Scarlett, and some cousins – Liberty and Maria…and there is another baby girl on the way in November….very special times! My stepson and his wife are also expecting a girl, in September. Lots of girls to increase our family numbers! It’s interesting to watch the formation of new ‘generations’ as well as watch others continue to mature and grow up. Seeing the same little kids each year, is like watching growth in time lapse photography.

A great table piece of fresh fruit served at the 'Celebration'.
Cousin Chase and his puppy Andre (the Giant - he is a bull mastiff pup), canoeing on the lake. Below are the "tweenies" (4th generation since this annual event started, 34 years ago) playing on the floor with my grandaughter, Scarlett (5th generation).
I guess between my brother and I - we took over a thousand photos!
I will be in a local show on Saturday in Downs, Ks., for their 'Celebration'. Check out a few of us at 'The Depot' from 9AM to 9PM. I may set up and 'plein air' paint, just so I get some painting done.


Susan Carlin said...

It's so fun to peek in on your life, Pattie. Glad you're home!

Pattie said...

Thanks - and it is good to be home! Have soooo much to catch up on, for example - my USPS mail was about 18 inches high. My email box had about 150 things to deal with, mostly ads, some emails.