Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

Here I sit in the middle of nowhere - now I know some of you profess to be the "middle of nowhere" kings and queens, but really...I think I am the winner on this one. Almost every day, I sit and catch up on everybody's blogs that I read, checking on them through my bookmarks, one by one to see if they have anything new and inspirational. That is where I get a lot of my motivation, is by viewing art and reading about how other artists "Do It". I knew there must be a better way and as I was looking at my blog stats, I noticed that someone had arrived to my site via "Google Reader". I had some time to check that out and...lo and behold...there is a simpler way! By using this service, I can now eliminate looking at each and every blog to see if there is a new post because Google Reader (you will have to look it up, as my link won't work on that) lets you know, after you subscribe to the feed, who has a new post. Goh, do I feel like I have come a million miles, or what?!
So if you are like me, struggling along, living in the middle of nowhere, and you aren't a queen (or king - or 'serf' for that matter) yet, you can be! Check it out!

Here are a few blogs to add to your meanderings...if you haven't already seen them:
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