Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

The sun comes up
the sun goes down
with it arrives
hot day.
Air conditioners,

praying for
a gentle breeze.


a relentless
seasons change.
You just have to get up early to enjoy a little bit of coolness in the morning, something I don't do too often. Today, I am hosting the quarterly meeting of NCKAA (North Central Kansas Artists Association) in the studio. Luckily, we installed our old house AC there last week. Hubster's daughter and friend are visiting for another day from Colorado. We have enjoyed showing them around our little piece of heaven. Garden weeds had taken over, we spent the better part of the latter week, weeding! But it is in better shape now. Here are just a few of the great veggies we are harvesting, the sunflowers and a look at the wallpaper we found behind the old cabinets we tore out this week in our 100+ year old farmhouse. Funky, huh? We still have a long way to go on the kitchen remodel. Have to make a materials run, 1st part of the week.

Yep, the one above lends itself to a painting, soon!

I have seen this wallpaper in my life - somewhere. It must have been the only wallpaper in the country at one time?


Mark Bridges said...

Yes. Cool breeze. Today here in Dallas is supposed to be 106. I singed my eye brows walking to the car. :) Next Sunday i'll have a sundown on Mt. Desert Island Maine, high maybe 74. Your veggies are looking great.

n. rhodes harper said...

Beautiful Flowers and veggies Pattie. Good enough to eat and paint!