Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Painting for Today

Yesterday, I felt frustrated as I approached the time to do some artwork. That's probably because I am 'rusty' at it. But as I worked, that special feeling came over me. (It's magic, you know!) I wanted to experiment with a surface that an 'artist friend', Brandy Miner, has been using cardstock as a surface. Upon trying it, I noticed that as you 'dust' after a few colors (there's nowhere for the excess pastel to go) the dusted colors get all over the other colors, so I ended up working and reworking. But that's ok,
I needed to see what it was like.
"Glads, Too" pastel on cardstock, 8' x 10" framed size

After that warm-up, I continued on. I have such great family photos, I decided to jump right in and get a portrait done of my (I guess it would be) 3rd cousin, Madeleine.
I will post it tomorrow. Have a few details to clean up on it. When you take photos of your work, you see all kinds of tweaking you need to do. Same goes with standing back from your work, which I am not good I often use the photo I take as my "standing back".


Leann said...

Much as I don't like smoking, I noticed in figure drawing classes the smokers had better proportion because they would take a smoke break and stand back from their work. The camera is a good idea!

Pattie said...

Ha! Go almost makes smoking OK in this case! My camera is like another person. Even if I stand back, I don't see what the camera shows me.