Friday, July 18, 2008

Renaissance...and Beyond

Robert Genn sends a twice weekly email to those who subscribe to his newsletter. The current letter is about being a "renaissance" artist, how each day artists of today are rethinking, giving new life to ideas, putting a fresh spin on a vision, and adopting different attitudes for ways of seeing the world.
Genn explains the workings of "renaissance" in these principles:
"Curiosity as a way of thinking
Suspicion of authority and conventional wisdom

Respect for intelligently filtered history

Aspiration to higher levels of achievement
Vision for renewed potential in all things

Tendency to invent private systems

Reinvention and perfection of former skills

Accepting the challenge of the difficult"

I encourage you, that when you look at art that is different, unique and not like any other...remember the idea of "renaissance".
Last night as the storm was brewing I took some photos. I got a new Sandisk, and I swear it takes better photos. Is that possible? It is an "Extreme III". Unbeknownst to me, my camera - a Nikon D-50, won't take anything larger than a 2 GB card. We found that out the hard way. Bought an 8GB card and the camera kept giving me an error message. So much for taking a thousand photos in Guatemala...I think I will see how many it will take here at home. Then I always have a back-up. So, not to worry. Here are some of the ominous clouds. The rain was different. It was like piercing and in sheets.
This is looking to the north...(BTW, for some reason, when I see clouds like this, it always reminds me of the end of "The Terminator" movie, when Sarah Connor is driving away in her Jeep - very apocalyptic)

This is looking to the west...

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Susan Carlin said...

You live in such a beautiful place, Pattie. I appreciate the urging to others to open our minds when looking at a new kind of art.