Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Card

I took the plunge and spent hours making my own Christmas cards this year. I made 15. Not nearly enough, yes, I have more friends and family than that, but I also didn't want to spend so much on postage.
So, this is a card for those who didn't receive a card this year. This is our second Christmas gone from where we lived for sooo many years. Still, we miss the mountains and our friends and family back in Denver/Golden. So if you see my blog, know that I am thinking of you this season! We always had such fun at parties, get-togethers and Christmas morning. It's interesting how I had the urge to write one of those one page letters to include in our cards that I sent, on the topic of "what we were up to in 2007", but then I thought, hey, that's why I keep an ongoing blog! So if you want to know about our year from May 2007 - on, you can browse through the pages and pages of Kansas living. It's been a busy year and one filled with accomplishment. We are looking forward to starting the new year with more "projects" and life fulfilling activities. Our best to you in the coming year!

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