Friday, December 7, 2007


Will August come any sooner, now that I have added a counter in the sidebar of this blog? As you can see there are many days that need to pass, but I am signed up and beginning to pay for a 10 day painting trip to Guatemala. I have always wanted to go on one of these "paint trips", always to France or Tuscany, but the artist that I studied with in November, is 'doing' Guatemala in August/September. So, I thought, hey, that would be a cool trip! Part of the trip involves visiting Tikal, where there are many ruins and history of the Mayan.
Honestly, I have been to Hawaii and borders of Mexico, like the kind you get to by car, so it's time to venture a bit further and while I am still physically able to climb, plein-air painting in the heat and up to the rigor of mega site-seeing and photographing. Every day is filled with activity, including sketching and painting.
I applied for my passport (never had one) and already made my plane reservations. Should be a great time, we have guides and sponsors and translators and five star hotels and meals.
I think I will brush up on my Spanish. I can always get the basic gist of what is being said, I just can't put sentences together too well. You would think that after 5 years of the language in my school days, I could do better than that. Senora Gilbreath and Senora Borman did their best!
Along the way, I have had to 'use' it, or lose it, like with kids or parents in my classes, or with the Hispanics that moved into the area to work on the TM Palaces when I worked at the liquor store. (Don't get me going on that issue, right now.) If you want to know more about that, Google "Smith Center, Kansas and TM'ers" aka Global Country of World Peace.

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