Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good Health

These are my parents, as you can see they look "in good health and happy"! This was on my mom's 80th birthday. Just got word from Dad last night, that his cardio/pacemaker exam went well. He is in better health than last visit, which is very good news. This time last year, he was not feeling well at all. It's a good example of what a difference it makes when you mix excellent healthcare, with a patient who cares and tries to do the right thing for their health. I am proud and thankful that my parents take great care of their health and each other.

Today is cold and it's supposed to snow tomorrow. I am out to the studio for some more arranging and possibly beginning some new work. Also, need to go through paint that might freeze and collect it to keep inside the house for the winter. It really doesn't get to freezing in the studio with all the insulating we have done, but since materials are soooo expensive, I want to avoid ruining them at whatever it takes. Since installing the mouse (sonic sounding, high-pitch that only mice can hear) devices, NO MICE! Yeh!

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