Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When ice-storms are predicted here, the news media gives awareness of how one needs to get out and TCB (take care of business) before it hits. They warn against travel of any kind, remind you that even ambulance, police and fire dept. may have trouble getting down the road. We had been through one of these last year at this time (5 days without power), we know the drill.

Starting at about dark last night, it was pouring rain on top of already a couple of inches of snow and then freezing in sheets that glistened on the sidewalk outside of the door. No, those dogs wouldn't even step off the porch. The lights and power flickered on and off around 9:00, we thought for sure the power would be out this am, but luckily, we still have it. Good thing, cause it is too nasty to get the generator out and hook it up, although, I half expect us to have to do just that before it is all said and done.

Yes, I consider it beautiful! Here is a slide show of some of the photos I just completed. It is biting cold!! The wind blowing through the big tree with it's ice chinking and clinking was kinda scary.

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