Friday, December 14, 2007

More Holiday Happenings

Last night was the Dec. meeting of the Palette Club. I am it's newest member. There was lots of food and (yum my favorite) chili! We had a painting exchange. Seven of us chose a number, matched to artwork, and received a cool piece of art done by another person. I received a great framed pencil drawing (a preliminary for a big painting) by Larry Z., who is a car refinisher/painter by day and artist during all the other times in his life. (Photo later) The host of the event, who owns the gallery we met in, received my horse painting. Anyway, nice peeps!!!

There was time to look at some work in progress that others brought along with them, and I enjoyed the critique time. So looking forward to being able to actively critique! Hearing what others are involved in gets me goin', like commissions, mural painting, etc. It is soooo nice to have found a group that I can affiliate with, in this small, isolated, lonely little nowhere place! Yeah! And I am looking forward to becoming a member of NCKAA, North Central Kansas Artists Association. One of my greatest memories doing art in mountains above Denver (years ago, BT, before teaching) was belonging to the Evergreen Artists Association. The networking was rewarding! Many people say that they don't need to belong to a group or organization, but as an artist, you need to take aaaalllll the help you can get.

Today, we drove to big D. My stepdaughter is graduating from college. We are here for the ceremony and will be going right back home. Had to brave the roads in the big RV in the snow and with icy roads (I think we were about the only RV out there in highway land) but did fine, and guess we got out of heavy snow at home (course my DH is an X Teamster trucker, so I NEVER worry!) There is about 5 to 6 inches on the ground here. Looking forward to dryer weather once this system passes on through the middle of the US. My daughter and her family are bracing for a Nor'Easter in Brooklyn. Hang on kids!

So far, this is like the winters I remember as a child. I also remember a lot of really mild winters and mild holidays since then. I think I like the more wintery ones, however, with a break once in awhile, like for when we go home.

Dogs get to visit a kennel tomorrow for a day and night. Oh boy!

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