Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back Among the Workforce

My boss has her eye on the Fed Ex guy, and when he comes to pick up our packages, the others have decided to use a code - they say "poodle ears" to let her know that the Fed Ex guy is in the shipping department. I heard "Poodle Ears!" once today. Ha! It is a really fun place to work, so far, and the people are very nice and friendly. I like to hear over the intercom - "Job well done people, keep up the good work!" I have never heard that at ANY job I have ever had. I get a little time in the engraving department tomorrow. Right up my alley!
I am really enjoying this job and my body and mind are soooo tired tonight, after 9 1/2 hours!
Oh ya, tornado sirens went off here tonight as soon as I got home. So, got to eat my leftover dinner in the basement storage closet with mom and dad. The warnings lasted about 20 minutes or so, it is still raining, hours later, very hard.
Word is...the kitchen remodel is continuing without me, back at home.


n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Pattie, I know you are sick of those storm sirens. While in KC go have one of thode huge barbeque beef sanwiches for me will ya? Love the poodle as well as the poodle ears story. Of course in my mind it conjers up a painting of a fedx man with real poodle ears delivering a package!! LOL I am painting this week but not on canvas. I am painting walls, ick no fun. Be safe and stay out of the closet because people that eat in closets are really weird! N

Susan Carlin said...

It's good to have word of you, but the image of you having dinner in a basement storage closet wasn't great. I love hearing that work is a pleasant place to be...if tiring.
Hanging on every word... Stay safe.