Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where I Stood This Week

This is to you - who work on your feet all day -
I have been working 10 - 12 hour days and I feel your pain!
I am working at a place where the people are really nice and
they appreciate the good job you do. Rare.
Here I am standing on the packing room cement floor on
top of the padded floor mat.
I've stood here the last 11 days straight. More than I have worked in awhile.

Sunday off, so hope to have a painting to post soon. Yeah!

Here is where I stood last night at my brothers for a dinner get together; Mom, Dad, Eric, Crystal, me and Scott, Will, and Teresa. You can see where my brother was standing again...he's a funny guy! We had fun. We always do! The floor looks funny because I 'photo shopped' out the shine, and I was tired and didn't spend a long time on it, but didn't want you to have the flash shine off the floor blinding you which it was.

This is me, my brother Scott and my dad on Father's Day. Just got these photos off of my brother's camera last night.

"Where I Stand Sunday" (although today it is a little different title today) is posted weekly. It helps chronicle the "journey". Too often we take for granted where we stand and what we are involved in. Used as a "vehicle" for journaling and a glance at "human geography", I; along with several others; note this day, in this way. I invite you to check "them" out, their blog addresses are in the sidebar to the right, to compare and contrast the human events of Sunday in different parts of the country and maybe the globe! If you would like to join in (and I encourage you as it is a great writing "prompt"), please leave a comment below with your blog address and we will note it in our sidebar! Thanks for looking!


Susan Carlin said...

It's so good to see the close-up of you with your dad and brother! I also love your positive outlook about your current work. Workboots are definitely a different look for you- I'm used to seeing your flipflops! I posted a "where I stand on Sunday" in the sidebar of my blog. Just for you, m'dear.

Anonymous said...

Pattie, hang in there! I so enjoy your posts . . . great to see the family pics and I always love your "Where I Stand" feature on Sundays.