Monday, June 9, 2008

Bathed in Light

"Bathed in Light" 8" x 10" oil on canvasboard (NFS)

Well folks, no chicken painting, however, after taking a workshop with Karin Jurick and Carol Marine (see my sidebar to view their blogs) this past spring, I was inspired to take some museum photos while in NYC in April and attempt to paint art viewers in front of masterpieces like Karin does. It was a real challenge (but awesome fun) for me today. This is my daughter, and my granddaughter asleep under the baby blanket being carried in her Ergo carrier, at the MOMA in front of "Three Bathers" by Picasso. It is so big in real life!

Now, my understanding of the difficulty lies in 'that' rendering of the masterpiece, to be good enough to pass for what it's supposed to be, yet - to paint it in a way so as not to distract MY viewer from my intended focal point, which is the viewer of the art piece, my daughter/granddaughter. (Did I make that clear, hmmm.) One thing I learned about pseudo-abstract 'Picasso hands', is they are easier than realistic hands! The hands on these women are large and very masculine.

Maybe it turned out so well, because I used my new Guerilla box set-up. It's very cool! It lets me rest my painting arm on the box - for those steadying moments on smaller canvas. Hot diggity!


Mark Bridges said...

Hey Pattie. That's a great painting. And I bet it was great to see the art first hand. I'd be cool to make a painting of all the masterpieces with a family member next to it. Show more pics of the chickens.

Kim's Mom said...

Just browsing through blogs, and came upon your site. I am in awe of your talent. Beautiful work!

I don't paint, or sketch, other than silly little attempts that never amount to anythng other than an embarrassment should anyone else actually see them LOL. My Mother has some talent in that area, and three of my children seem to have inherited it to some point. Maybe it skips a generation?

I lived in Salina, Dodge City, and a tiny little place called Offerle many years ago. The living was interesting, somehow different than where I had grown up, more challenging, and we found the people to be more self sufficient. I rather liked that. Wasn't so crazy about the stormy weather though, especially the tornadoes and such. I do have to say, they added a certain level of excitement to the whole experience though! LOL

Pattie said...

Mark, will add more chickens tonight. You should paint them, they are fun, and I give my permission to use my chicken photos. My son-in-law works at MOMA. I still haven't seen it all.
Thanks Kim's Mom for your kind comments. You must have it in your blood, if you lived in Kansas at one time. You KNOW what goes on, weatherwise and peoplewise! I will bet you have untapped talent, you don't know about.

Susan Carlin said...

How great to be able to star your daughter and her baby in one of your paintings.

onpainting said...

Excellent job; looks like you learned from that workshop.