Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Tickle Day

Many of you teachers know that Tuesday is referred to as "Tuesday - Tickle Day" in the world of elementary kids, particularly in K-2. I am going to be tickled, all day. If you subscribe to Robert Genn (see my sidebar) you should read "The Early Morning Club". It's perfect!
My neighbor's granddaughter is coming by today to have me look at a piece of art she is working on. I will try to get something done in the studio, today, myself.
Every day, we listen to the weather scanner and hear about impending BAD stuff, but it doesn't show, as my brother pens them - "the weather guessers". We spend much of our time, covering up the vegetables, and uncovering the vegetables. We sure don't need any more moisture.
Hot and very muggy yesterday. I don't remember being that drenched since we were in Kentucky several summers ago in the RV visiting Mammoth Caves, with no AC, because we couldn't hook up to electrical. It wasn't offered and the generator on the POS we owned at that time was louder than quiet. In this park they had a rule of no loud generators and I don't blame them.
Wish gas wasn't soooo expensive in the diesel dept., we can't RV at all right now. Guess we could pull it out and sit in it and pretend.
Have a very artful day!


Susan Carlin said...

I don't get it. Explain Tickle Day again?

I'm glad the weather guessers are getting it wrong!

Pattie said...

'Tickle Day' for little kids - is just that, they go around physically "tickling" everyone and give an excuse of "It's Tuesday Tickle Day". It makes for a much happier workday of Tuesday - in the work-a-day world of teaching. Some weeks can be VERY long.