Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

We share the land, wildlife and I...
it's where I stand -
overlooking my sweet corn field.
Whitetail deer, young and old
make their way to an elusive existence.
Future fences will be a challenge to breech,
tails a flyin'.

Yes, the corn has popped it's little head out of the ground. Rows and rows of it. If you are getting tired of my flip flops, too bad, I don't wear anything else these days. Getting hotter and hotter as summer approaches. We made it past the anniversary of last year's 'home demolisher'. That's a good thing! This little hoof print is from a young deer. The larger deer was polite and made it's way around the perimeter of the field. Ha, like that will continue to occur. I have lots of ideas and photo images - stewing in my little head, so one thing is for certain - I will be in the studio today. It's cool, but damp, out there. Plays hell with my matboard and unframed pastel pieces, so I will be working on getting them into the big tablet of vellum that I slip them into to keep them flattened.

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