Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Equipment

Nothin' says lovin' - like a new set-up for "plein air" painting. This just came UPS yesterday from Judson Outfitters in Livermore, Co. I got a 9 x 12 guerilla (paint) box, a wet canvas carrier and a heavy duty tripod, a few extra accessories and I am ready for the outdoors! But first I have to appease the "kitchen remodel" gods. I opted for this set-up versus the Soltek easel, which was only the easel, and not the great Guerilla box plus easel for a little less $. Lightweight, portable, quick set-up and value was what I went after. This stuff has many cool features, especially for adapting to different sized canvas. Only 79 more days til Guatemala!

We avoided the bad weather last night, it ended up all in was severe! We could see the thunderbumpers and the lightning. We are under a tornado watch right now until 4 PM. It's very windy and skies are grey, otherwise, I would be out there test driving my new 'stuff' (but oh ya, after I appease those 'gods' I mentioned) :-}!
OH ya, BTW, these are the same items that Carol Marine paints with. Anything - to make her wonderful painting talent 'rub off'!


Dianne Mize said...

What inviting equipment! You won't regret not getting the Soltek. I've had one for several years and finally parked it in favor of my trusty old French easel. Those guerrillas do look tempting.
I discovered your blog via Susan Carlin's. Glad I did; I'm bookmarking it.

Mark Bridges said...

Hey New toys. Same set up as I have. What's with Guatamala?

Susan Carlin said...

Pattie, I'm watching your weather and hoping you batten down the hatches. Looks wild and woolly where you are. Stay safe!

Pattie said...

Susan, thanks for the hope. Today is supposed to be NO rain, finally. Mark, going to Guatemala with artist/workshop Kaye Franklin from Graham, Tx. Have taken a couple of her workshops and last Nov. decided to go with her group to Guat. Will be 10 days for some painting and traveling in the area. Check out "Explore Guatemala" website. Dianne, Judson's has some good 'deals' right now, only $8.00 shipping for me - with 22 lbs. What a deal!
Thanks for visiting!