Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Number 20 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

7" x 7"
watercolor on Aquarelle/Arches

This one is a FB friend's - daughter's dog, Nia.
I loved the photo of her and could see
the underneath blanket being
played up a little in chroma
for great sassy contrast.

Lovin' doing watercolors.
They seem to be working for me
right now.
They are opposite of oils and pastels, 
which are darkest to lightest
as you paint.
Watercolor is just the other way around.
Plus I have some open cuts in my pointer and thumb
on my painting hand, that keep getting
gamsol and oil paint in them..at this
rate they will never heal.

So right now, my brain and those fingers have to 
constantly slow down
and think.


Renee Brennan said...

Nia is cute!! looks almost like "Dino" I just painted in oil...I don't know how the heck you do it in watercolor! nice work!
and yes the hazards with oil and thumb cuts...grr...just avoided getting a manicure until this 30/30 thing is over lol.

Katelynn said...

Love it!! So proud our little Bosnian rescue pup, Nia, could provide you with inspiration!

Pattie Wall said...

Hi Renee - was going to leave you a comment about how I agree that those dogs and their poses are very similar, but blogger wouldn't let me comment on your blog? Katelynn - I was in love the whole time I painted Nia's sweet face, thanks! - Murphy is a cutie too!