Thursday, January 22, 2015

Number 22 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

6" x 8" ish
watercolor on Arches semi-rough

I have painted Gracie before, in oil...not knowing it was Gracie
long story for that.

Although this is not the photo the owner wished
I would paint, it is my favorite - for 
light and shadow.
I tried this one with a little more 'design' to it.
She was very pretty, one blue eye and one brown.

Her owner wrote to me:

"I was working at a veterinary office and she was brought in in a plastic bag with 3 of her siblings and we were told they were dead. She wasn't, she was barely alive, breathing only a couple times a minute. I took her and rubbed and rubbed her in a heating pad for an hour until she was breathing normally and had a strong heartbeat. That was in 2002. She turned 12 years old on the 14th of November. In July of this year she was diagnosed with cancer, and doesn't have long to live. My heart is breaking, but I am just trying to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible in what time I have left with her."

Gracie passed just before Thanksgiving 2014. 

I love this story.
It shows such compassion and hope for animals. 

Thanks to all who have allowed me to use their photos to paint
from this month!!


Tam Foree said...

What a story, sad and happy at the same time. Great painting you did of this pup!!

Sue Marrazzo said...

'Congrats on the sale!