Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 3 Artwork

"Belgian One" pastel on sandpaper, 16" x 20"

I absolutely love working in pastel! It is my medium of choice. As I said a few blogs ago, I was going to do several works revolving around the Belgian horses viewed on a farm nearby. This is the first one. It's not quite done, but I now have some time to complete it, and will post the finished piece at a later time, so here is the "almost finished" version. You can see that the area around the horse is still in "draft" stage. As I worked, I realized the enormity of their legs and musculature. They really are a lot bigger than pleasure horses. They are a working machine! I have been interested in drawing horses since I was little. I remember using Marguerite Henry's "Album of Horses" to learn to draw my favorite animals. (So if your kids like to draw horses, this book is a great inspiration!) It's always nice to revisit horses as a subject! Thanks for looking!

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