Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Swirling White Stuff

Today is the first day of snow here, in the exact middle of the country. It's swirling and the trees are swaying. So far, there is a light dusting on the fence and propane tank. The turkey, which I bought late, is in water in the sink defrosting. I am going back out to the studio today, it's getting a revamping and cleaning. I had to drag my big oak desk and in doing so the legs separated from the sides, so I am going to try to fix that. I like snow a lot, just don't like to travel very far in it. It's not supposed to amount to much, but I am ready for winter! Last year in December, we lost power for 4 days due to downed power lines from an ice storm, we made it just fine with the generator back-up in the RV and running to town for jugs of water to flush the toilets. Since then we bought another generator so next time we could run the water system pump, too. So we are ready - if it decides to be a powerless time this December. Let me know if it is snowing in your "neck of the woods". Leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Yes, we've had snow in our area, which is northeast Ohio. About a week to 10 days ago, there was enough for my son to put his boots on and tromp around to make tracks in it! We've got an icy rain/snow mix today (Thanksgiving).

I am so glad I found your blog. I really like the art you've pictured as well as the photographs.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.