Friday, November 2, 2007

I Take it Back

There are two pharmacies in the town nearby. After visiting the doctor for my yearly check-up, I was given a prescription that could only be filled at ONE of the pharmacies as it is a true "concoction" that only that pharmacist can make. It happened to be the one that I had been boycotting since moving here, they seemed always "cranky", unfriendly and generally not very 'time efficient'. So I sadly went by and dropped off my prescriptions. Told them I would be back the next day to pick them up and left. Mind you it is a 16 mile round trip. Yesterday, having grocery shopping to do and needing to stop by the carpet guy to see what they had for porch indoor/outdoor carpeting, I stopped by to pick up my meds. Would you believe that the one that had to be made wasn't ready? Didn't surprise me!! I took the other one, and told them (nicely, by the way) I would be back to pick it up today. This morning I got a call from the pharmacist, that he would be sending a delivery out to my house and apologized for not having it ready for me yesterday. I have new faith in this pharmacy! It was delivered. I even got a courtesy call when the driver had turned off the highway that he was just about to my house. Now all I have to do is talk to them about the "smoky smell" of their establishment. Some lady that works there is allowed to smoke inside the store. For someone like me, with asthma and sinus trouble (as other people are, too, I'm sure) it is hard to be around cigarette smoke and smells. Maybe I'll just stick to 'home delivery'!

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Jess said...

Well, well there might be humans out there in middle earth! Or maybe they are starting to accept you and Gene.