Sunday, November 4, 2007

Making "Connections"

On Halloween, I had the TV on, while I was doing some stuff on the computer and was watching "The 100th Scariest Movies" or something like that, they were down in the low numbers and highlighted the movie "Cujo" based on a story by Stephen King (one of my favorites). It was explained how they got the St. Bernard to go crazy and try to jump into the car, while the lady and her son were trying to flee. They put "mouse pheromone" into the car to attract the dog, and from the looks of the scene that they then shared, it worked!
pher·o·mone [fer-uh-mohn]–noun Animal Behavior. any chemical substance released by an animal that serves to influence the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species.
Very scary scene, enough to make even "dog lovers" think twice. Well, I now understand how very powerful "mouse pheromone" is, even to dogs! G. was leaving for his harvest job this morning and pulled one of the car out of the quonset hut, that hardly gets driven, a Subaru SVX. He had been saying that we needed to move cars around a little more because mice get into them and destroy them, chewing interiors and wires. He pulled up alongside the dog enclosure at the back of the house and sure enough, there was a mouse living in the trunk. It had piled a bunch of seat insulation near the tire, under the tire cover. We lifted the pile out, and saw the mouse escape through a drain hole in the trunk. It dropped to the ground and ran around the driveway, we were unable to catch it, it scampered away to under the bushy evergreen tree. Not thinking or knowing, we put the pile of 'nesting' on the picnic table that sits right by the fence. Meanwhile, I came in and gave all 3 dogs a much needed bath. Upon letting them return to the dog enclosure, my black and tan dachshund, Herman, caught the scent of the nest. He went wild, jumping on the fence, the other two joining in, once they too, got a whiff. OMG, at once I connected with what they said about "mouse pheromone". I removed the nesting to the trash, far away, went to the studio (still hearing lot of crazy barking) and upon returning, the frenzy had heightened to a crescendo beyond words. The craziness continued! My red dachshund had pulled the chainlink up and out of the way at the gate and had his head stuck through it. I had witnessed him biting the chainlink, even yelping as he did so. I gave up. I tipped the table over and pushed it up to the fence, so they could sniff all they wanted and see that there was nothing there that was causing the smell. Sheesh! I ended up carrying the little dogs into the house (at which they are standing at the door, whimpering) and at least I am lucky enough to have a big dog that minds when you command, "Come Bailey!" So I've come to the conclusion, Hollywood knows, man, Hollywood knows!!
P.S. There have been two mice in the studio (in the jaws of the cruel traps), in the last few days. I think we are being invaded, or at least having the time to notice this seasonal occurrence.
P.S.S. BTW, I took off the Sonific music widget for the time being. If you like to listen to the music I pick out while you read my blog, please leave a "comment". Thanks.

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