Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sick Horse - Part Two

When we got back to the horse, she was lying down again, so....the rest of the afternoon until 5:30 was spent walking Jasmine (oh, it was cold and windy!!), so she wouldn't lie down and roll, cause if she did that, her stomach could twist in a knot and that would be it. We had quite a group, on and off all afternoon, G. came home, the "hunters" who are lodging at my neighbors came to help and Marian and Ed (grandma and grandpa) came home from work.
Jasmine layed down when G and granddaughter were walking her at one point, while I was at the house, using the bathroom, and when I got back she was stiff legged and had her eyes closed, I thought, "OMG, she's a goner!" It was almost impossible to raise her up on her feet again, but after pulling and shoving and coaxing and pushing and pleading and the hunter's truck drove into the yard and up she came, we "got r' done"!
The vet finally showed back up and after he gave her a sedative (that was fun, trying to keep her on her feet) he put a tube down her nose and gave her a gallon of mineral oil. He said that sometimes horses just "get" this way, due to the feed as it ferments in their stomach. The horse was walked some more, a bed of straw was made for her in her pen, and she got to lay down again, finally it was OK. She seemed better. G and I left at dark. We must have walked that horse 10 or more miles today.
About an hour ago, they brought the horse around to our door, and she looked a whole bunch better! Ears perky, head up, and standing with more "gusto" as she usually does.
Yeah! I think she will make it! It's worth all the work when you are an animal lover. We are in the right place! I realized, just like "It takes a village to raise a child," it also "takes a village to keep a horse alive!"

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