Friday, November 30, 2007

R.I.P. - Jasmine

Yesterday, Jasmine was standing for a lot of the day. We knew that she hadn't eliminated yet, but thought maybe for some reason she was feeling better.

This morning she is gone. It's been sad to see her in pain and struggling with her plight. We went down for one last time to see her. She was sooo bloated. We feel that perhaps this could have been prevented. Of course, the last resort was surgery and that is usually only 50% effective, and a financial issue as well.

After researching online about it, because that is what I do when there are issues I don't understand, "colic" in horses is pretty prevalent. It is preventable. This situation occurred perhaps from Jasmine eating the cattle feed, which was laced with the cattle medicine and too coarse for her digestive tract. It impacted her "cecum" or maybe it 'twisted' her intestines. We felt a more aggressive treatment, maybe enema would have helped, the vet said the cecum is hard to reach from either end. Looking at the illustrations, it's so. There is lots of info and personal experiences on the internet. Some are success stories and some not so successful. Chalk this one up to "not so successful". Everyone worked so hard and way into the cold and windy nights hoping to make a difference for the horse and for the girl who owned her. And if you know me, I get way too attached to animals, this one really pulled at my heart strings, and I even did a portrait of her for granddaughter months ago, which endears her even more.

I have to get out to the studio today, in hopes it will help me 'let this event go' from my head, but keep her in my heart.

There's a 'winter storm warning' in effect this evening through tomorrow morning. They say 'ice'. Gotta get to town and get milk for us and gasoline for the generator, just in case.

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