Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Harvest is Over!

Tried to post last night, but there was a problem with blogger, I guess, how frustrating is that?
I can't let the day get away without sharing my little "photo-journalistic take" on G's hard work the last 11 days straight. He worked for the Bargman Boys, two brothers that farm over 3,000 acres.

They used the Case with a John Deere header to cut the milo or silage out of the fields.

They empty the grain into the tractor pulled grain cart and this grain truck and...

they also filled up the trailer pulled by the Peterbilt with at least 80,000 pounds for each trip to the grain elevator. This is the rig that G. drove making about 5 trips to a grain elevator each day.

Of course one of my favorite camera shots this morning was the Bargman's 13 year old "coon hound" sitting in the sun.

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