Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Plein Air Painting Demo

Went to my meeting for the Mid American Pastel Society this evening in Prairie Village, Kansas. My friend, Gary Ozias gave a demonstration of painting "en plein air". As I have stated previously, he is an avid outdoor painter.
Here is his backpack - weighs about 20-30 pounds depending on whether he is packing oil paints or pastels - pastels weigh more. He was giving this presentation to show others what to take into the field and offer some do's and don't's for painting outside. Then he moved onto actually doing a pastel landscape.

I listened and observed carefully, as he has a really nice method
of doing trees and skies and sky holes.

His painting demo was a big hit and
everyone was very interested in his pastels and his painting.
As you can see, it was a nice one!

Way to go - Gary! Thanks for a super view into "how it's done"! Now I wish I had brought my pastels with me. I am psyched. Hey, I know...my sister-in-law who lives here, has some in her kitchen drawer. She uses them to write on the little chalkboard of one of her "chef" dolls in the kitchen.


Leann said...


n. rhodes harper said...

His demo is really lovely. I could watch demos all day! Didn't you just love Carol M.'s demo of the pepper? I hope to go out with my plein air group tomorrow. Cheers Patti, my hair sista!

Pattie said...

Watching others teaches you so much! or sometimes it confirms you are on the right highway! I loved CM's demo...wish my strokes and colors were that good! I need a haircut. Know anyone good in my area? I don't.