Saturday, January 30, 2016

Compilation of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days for 2016!!!

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Ho - all done.  Well, my goal for this challenge was to use this 30 day block of time to explore painting 'abstractly' and try many different mediums and tools to express my vision and thoughts.  A few representational pieces slipped into the mix, but believe me, I really stretched myself to paint 'away from reality'. It was scary (not like BOO scary, but the unknown - 'what if this doesn't work?' scary) and also liberating.  I got LOST in the surface in many cases, really enjoying the letting go of what I am mostly comfortable with when I sit with my paints.

Going forward, I plan to fit an abstract in, here and there..just to let it go and feel uninhibited.  Painting reality, at times, can be a lot of pressure - especially when a 'likeness' is required.
I have enjoyed the creative side of mixed media and the design/color side of abstract painting.

 There is so much on my ART BRAIN right now.
First, I need to take care of some tech items, make some smart decisions
and lessen my load.  I am trying to take care of too much in cyberspace.

I maintain two weblogs, contribute two blogs (where I am a guest), 
two Facebook pages, a website, AND 3 shops.  
Although when you market on the internet, you need to stay OUT THERE,
I don't think I need to spread myself
so makes for a lot of 'nothing of value' and I run around
trying to gauge my stats, comings and goings, maintenance, etc., .it makes me
feel a little crazed at times.  The difficult task is figuring out
which ones are of true value to my art biz, because at any one
given time, they each perform, but sporadically.  
And this 30 in 30 reminded me, it's all about JUST painting.
Just painting and expressing the things you love, 
what makes you get up every day.

January is a good month to paint 30 in 30.  It gave me a new start.  It allowed me 
to make tweaks or changes in my approach
 as was needed.  There is nothing going on but football and
winter (oh and politics - which I am sooo tired of), so it seems like the
appropriate time to hunker down and JUST PAINT.
The month went by really quickly.
Thank you to Leslie Saeta for hosting this event each January.
She holds one in September, as well.
That is sometimes travel time for us, so
may have to skip that one.

I plan to spend this next month, painting more, 
organizing, sketching, 
cleaning, tax figuring (that's a given)
 and just transitioning back to the real world - some days
I can paint, others I can't - life happens. 
 Looking forward to SPRING
and some time to explore plein air
around the farmstead.

Thanks to YOU for checking in, and the few of you
who left comments, I really appreciate them.
It tells me you spent time to really look and
give feedback and encouragement.
A special thanks to my DH, for without him,
this wouldn't have gone as well.
He is the great critter carer - our lovies
were well considered for their needs each day,
without my having to deal with any of it.
And that guy can do the dishes, laundry and general
household tasks - like no other!  Thanks!!


Sue Marrazzo said...


Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Sue!!

Véro B said...

Wow!!! A very beautiful collage with very beautiful paintings. I love your work.
Thank you for your comment on my blog 😊

Pattie Wall said...

You're welcome - thanks for your kind comment. I love visiting all the collages!

Michele Clamp said...

Looks like you had a fantastic 30 days and some amazing paintings to show for it. I agree wholeheartedly with your 'spreading yourself too thin' post. We all have to have something that is worthwhile marketing and that involves painting, and painting a lot.

Pattie Wall said...
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Pattie Wall said...

Wanted to add one more thing here THANK YOU..The part I like Michele is the 'painting a lot' part - let's do it!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous months work Patti - I especially love your Ravens :-)

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Yvonne!

Sheila said...

Terrific post Pattie, and I really loved your art this month. I hope I commented as much as I pinned :) Best wishes to you :)

Mariela said...

Your paintings are great, too!
Nice to meet you, I'll follow you....

Meredith Adler said...

What an inspiring post, and your paintings look great! Sounds like you were in the true spirit of the Challenge and have some new direction moving forward. I wish you well figuring out your online presence issues, too. That does sound like a lot to maintain...

Best to you in the future...Meredith (thanks for your comment on my blog, too, much appreciated)

Laurie Mueller said...

Gorgeous work, Pattie! The collage looks awesome. Congratulations and I look for ward to more!

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Laurie, Mariela, Sheila and Meredith..i look forward to seeing more art from you!