Saturday, January 2, 2016

Painting 30 in 30 - Day 2/Abstract 1

"Annual Checkup"
10" x 10"
mixed watermedia

This one really pushed me way out of my comfort zone.
I don't think I have done a serious ABSTRACT since college.
Back in those days, the heavy gel that is used today
was called 'impasto paste'.  I used a little on this one.
Steps follow next page:

On a Raymar Plein Aire canvasboard I tinted
it with Dr. PH. Martin's Concentrated Pigment
watercolor, Saddle Brown.

I began with the darker colors.  I was certain that I 
would be painting lots of glazing layers to
get the effect that I was looking for.

I added lighter colors and chose areas that I wanted
to embellish with texture and interest.
I started out my twisting and turning the brush and
making little jabs and dabs at the surface, but
soon changed my attack and actually painted
with a 'blending' sort of push.

This one took most of my day.  It was actually
not stressful and I found myself getting
just LOST in the work,
which is actually what I was looking for!
I used it as play - and loved every minute of it.

What is it?
Well, I called it Annual Checkup because I just had one and abstractly
it is many of the things that I had tested or checked.
What is it really?

I used a photo I took at Dinosaur National Monument
a few years ago when we visited there.
When I TOOK the photo, I knew I would eventually
use it in an abstract painting.
Mixed media used was watercolor, acrylic and Sharpie paint pen.
I am thinking I may do a triptych using the same source photo
with different parts or turned upside down or ???
Stay tuned!
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Laurie Mueller said...

Wonderful, Pattie! I'm interested in doing some abstracts, too. Thanks for the inspiration.....and a happy belated birthday!

Pattie Wall said...

Oh Laurie, thanks! I look forward to seeing some!