Thursday, January 14, 2016

Painting 30 in 30 - Day 14/Snow

"Snowsquall on the Central Plains"
9" x 12"
mixed media/acrylic on canvasboard
For Sale at my Etsy shop HERE

Lots of texture to begin with.
I have NEVER painted a snow scene.
Plenty of thinking and experimenting
before I finally got up
the nerve to 'just do it'.
You can see the trail the farmer left
while laying down some hay bales.

I like the effect.  I can see the wind whipping 
and blowing snow.  
That's what I wanted YOU
to see.

Oodles and oodles of cattle around here to look at, 
sketch and photograph.


Chris Lally said...

Brrrrrr! What an awesome painting!!!

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Chris Lally!

Laurie Mueller said...

I can't believe this is your first snow scene. It's awesome! You really conveyed exactly what it's been like up here in Michigan! Nice job, Pattie!

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Laurie - living most of my life in Colorado, I know exactly how to portray them. This one was near white out, because just a little went a long way, some wiping back done..and I pulled it back before the acrylic dried. Made me think of those days of "this is a painting of a polar bear, on the ice, in a snowstorm."