Friday, January 22, 2016

Painting 30 in 30 - Day 22/Goatheads

"No Marigolds in the Promised Land"
10" x 20"
acrylic/ink/mixed media
on Arches OLEO

and here is a close-up of the texture..

I have several sheets of Arches OLEO, 
which as a surface,
is suitable
for oil painting - and is
supposed to be very ready for
solvents, scrubbing, etc, I decided
to try watermedia on it.

I "PVA" glued it to foam core...
and let the paint, ink and gel ~ fly.  
Quite a carnival of colors used,
but I like exploring the juxtaposition
of one color against another.
The paper held up fine, even with scratching
into the surface with tools.

  UPDATE: I have been asked to tell what this one is about.
My experience with painting abstractly is 
a half century ago, however, I DO 
take it seriously, meaning to express
a theme or story with it.
Abstract is supposed to evoke emotion,
create a stirring in the soul for the viewer.
I can't tell you, the viewer, how to dissect it, how
to look at it, how to interpret it..your mind
and heart will do that.
ABSTRACT ART is non-verbal,
it's an experience.
Either you like it for reasons of 
color, movement, shape,
or the meaning you infer, 
or you don't like it 
because none of those
ideas work for you or it creates a feeling
or memory you are
not comfortable with.
The finishing touches on this one
came at a point where I was listening to
a song, (I always paint to music)
and I felt the song lyrics certainly
expressed some of the idea that was happening on
the canvas.  The title is from within that song.
Now if you really have to know what 
this painting is about for me,
you have to locate that song and
consider the lyrics.
It sort of has a dual meaning for me
the painter,
as it started out to express
my current physical address.
Those are goathead stickers (weeds)
in the foreground.
Enough said, I am glad it is
creating a 'stir in the force' for some.
I have done my job as an abstract
artist, I suppose!

I can't decide if this one will need to
go under glass - or not.
I may just use clear gesso and frame..
IF I frame it.

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