Friday, January 8, 2016

Painting 30 in 30 - Day 8/Doves

"Mourning Doves"
5" x 15"
mixed media
on Canson Colorline/Heather
pastel and gouache

These doves are actually a pair that I took several photos
of, on my brother and sister-in-law's deck awhile back.
I compiled two photos of each dove
to make this plethora of birds on the railing.

Today I mounted the Colorline paper on foam core,
did my clear gesso seal, 
had some drying time...
then painted the day away.
No buckling of the surface this time around
and I didn't have to tape it down to anything.

I like layering colors on this paper.
Already cut the matboard for this one.
Have to order some 10" x 20" frames.
Where do you order your frames from?


Sue Marrazzo said...

A wow!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Sue !

Karen Knutson said...

Patti, I really love this painting, and I'm sure it will sell really fast! I'm interested in your process of mounting the paper onto a foam core board. I've never heard of that paper. Where do you get it? Do you use matte medium to adhere it to the foam core, or a spray adhesive? I so miss being a part of the 30 in 30 this year. But I was sick with pneumonia in November, and still recovering from it. Didn't dare put any more stress on myself. Keep producing such beautiful paintings!

Pattie Wall said...
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Pattie Wall said...

Karen, sorry to hear about your illness. I know how that one goes. It's happened here a few times. I ran across a pastel blogger who used Canson Colorline (acid free) blue and she used clear gesso to seal it. I live where you couldn't even get an art brush, much less any quality art supplies, but I visit Kansas City often. So I went to Dick Blick/Utrecht and found that paper there. The clerk who checked me out gave me a heads-up about PVA glue (bookbinders glue). She spreads the glue on a foam core surface with a sponge foam brush and lays the Colorline spreading from middle outward carefully, so not to bubble. The clear gesso can be applied after letting it dry overnight. These doves warped a little, as I did not anchor it while it dried and went ahead right away with the gesso coat. Doing this prep THAT day of painting, really pushed me to get going. Let each dry and hold the edges down some way, so it doesn't warp in any way is my experience so far. Hope each day brings you closer back to making art again..I love your pieces!