Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Painting 30 in 30 - Day 26/Hearts

"Let the Heart Remember"
10" x 10"
acrylic paint, tissue paper collage, paint pen
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Sometimes I feel like I want to 'craft'
rather than 'art'.  Today was a day like that, 
but hey. it's 'painting'.

This one has many layers and it kept
me busy for perhaps longer than any
30 in 30, so far.

I noodled it for awhile..making more perfect hearts
then I got fed up when the lines got skewed and crossed
with certain colors, so I kept at it, 
being LESS careful and just layering and layering.
 It got to the point of no return, but in order
to be done, 
I had to give it more and more.

I haven't done anything for Valentine's Day
in several years, so here it is.


Laurie Mueller said...

This is wonderful, Pattie! I missed your last few....but they are beautiful. Talk about color magic! Thank you for your kind comments, and we still have 3 to go! I will look forward to seeing your work all together.

Pattie Wall said...

And I...yours! Thank you for always checking in - and being a 30 in 30 'bud' again this year! Paint on!!