Sunday, January 24, 2016

Painting 30 in 30 - Day 24/Squares

"Cautionary Tale"
6" x 8"
ink and watercolor on Arches

Today I started with an idea, which bloomed into the
final painting, above.

I tried a piece of paper from a tablet I purchased recently
called Paris Paper for Pens/Borden and Riley.
I divided it up into 1" squares.  
As I painted, it buckled pretty good with the water,
but I really liked the WHITENESS that showed
and the way the ink/watercolors floated
on the surface.  It states it's 'bleedproof' so
that is why the same process on watercolor
paper looks different.

I may have to glue a few pieces down
to some foam core and check it out
more intensely. 

The idea today was to paint several
quick small abstracts.
From there I can see a few
that I would like to do larger. 
As for the first one, I think I will
get started on a large one of those,
and paint on it when I get time.
It's fun, relaxing and I love the
exploratory quality of it.

Today is football playoffs.  We are
total BRONCOS fans, living in
Colorado most of our lives,
so we will be in front of the TV
for the afternoon for the game 
and evening, for new X-Files!!