Monday, March 24, 2008

Day Two Portrait of Three

Day two of my three person portrait is going fairly well, still have lots to do on it, like the clothes. From far away, the colors aren't working for me, either. Tomorrow will be spent walking clear across the studio and back again to tweak some things I am not pleased with. You can see how a face starts out like a "deviant puppet", that's because I have undertones I want to lay down and I need to adjust the placement of features as I go.

Deviant Puppet - Leslie, ha!

Working in more color and shapes.

Coming along.

I love the part where I get to add the make-up on women! Ha!

This is where I ended today. BTW Leslie has a pierce in her bottom lip and EMO red streaks in her hair, if you are wondering. Gotta paint it like ya see it somedays, although I could take it out, but that isn't telling you 'who' she is. It has been a challenge, and I am not happy with any of them except for the one I did today. Stay tuned. Of course, hubster is my best critic, cause they are his kids.

P.S. My issue of STUDIOS from Cloth, Paper, Scissors came today! It has some very cool ideas in it for your studio! I can't wait to peruse it!

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