Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

There are probably a cuzillion dog owners throughout the world, doing just what I am doing in my Sunday photo, feeding the dogs. Bailey, our weimaraner, eats so voraciously. He devours so quickly, so you have to stand there to eek out the food, or it comes right back up. So he gets a cup, then a 1/4 cup, then a 1/4 cup. Then he drinks tons of water and paces. Goes outside, comes in and does the drinking thing again and paces, goes outside....well, you get the picture. He's obsessive to say the least and neurotic, and we love him. I think his problems stem (the eating part anyway) from a long ago incident when he was a puppy, left in a garage with a, unbeknownst to them, giant bag of food (well, the kids just had to go out you know). He ate the whole thing. You can imagine the scene. Dog psychologist? I am not one, but for a dog, every action has it's reasons, don't you think? Pavlov would argue. Other's would probably say, he's just a big hungry dog. But you haven't seen him in action!

BTW last night watched "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen on TCM, then Tivo'd the next three movies, "The Rievers", "Love with a Proper Stranger" and "The Thomas Crown Affair" ALL Steve McQueen movies. We like him! I especially like the motorcycle chase in the Great Escape. He motocrossed - for real - in his off screen life. Just watch "On Any Sunday" some time. He rocked!

"Where I Stand Sunday" is posted weekly. It helps chronicle the "journey". Too often we take for granted where we stand and where we are involved. Used as a "vehicle" for journaling and a glance at "human geography", I; along with several others; note this day, in this way. I invite you to check "them" out, their blog addresses are in the sidebar to the right, to compare and contrast the human events of Sunday in different parts of the country and maybe the globe! If you would like to join in please leave a comment below with your blog address and we will note it in our sidebar! Thanks for looking!

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