Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where I Stood

55 million newspapers are sold each day. A large portion are "home delivered". I have been in Kansas City/Shawnee this week visiting my family and to attend the monthly meeting of the Mid America Pastel Society. One of the pleasures I enjoy while at mom and dad's is the morning paper. Where I live there is a weekly newspaper, with local news only. Since moving to Kansas, we truly miss the morning newspaper. And...because that has become an issue for us, Mom and Dad (thank you, thank you) send the Sunday and Monday newspaper to us after they read it. We get it Wednesday, sometimes Thursday, but still enjoy reading it. Here I stand on their driveway, to tell the truth - Mom had already picked up the paper and taken it inside, as she gets up the earliest. I enjoyed my visit! Got my Mexican food fix, went to the casino, had dinner at bro's house, got some much needed shopping done, and just visited - in general, we always have lots of fun and do lots of together things!
Got back this afternoon to a warm and calm 60's kind of weather. It was great to sit in the sun and let it's warmth take over!
I will have to check my calendar for last year's event, but the Sandhill Cranes are already migrating back through this area on their way to the Platte River Valley in Nebraska. There are literally hundreds and hundreds in groups flying overhead. In a few weeks, probably (because I watched this last year) there will be an active "crane cam" here. You can watch the cranes in their habitat. It's amazing! I am sure Spring will be here soon! Supposed to be wet and maybe snowy tomorrow.

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