Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sorry Scarlett...

Introducing the "baby blanket" that turned into a "scarf"! I have been working and working on making these little knitted squares (and that is what they ALL had to be was perfect squares - to go together right) and now that I am assembling them, I find out how utterly sh---y it looks and how it has bubbles and bumps in it, so I did the next best thing - I am making it into a scarf for myself. It is just not good enough to be a blanket, much less a scarf for someone other than me. I am putting it away, I will work on it when traveling, it's outta my sight for now. How frustrating! Grrrr...! So Scarlett will have to wait for her blanket from her JoJo, it will be another pattern in another galaxy - in another dimension. Onward. I suppose that is why I knit a lot and then don't knit at all, cause things start turning out like this one.
Nice day today, think I will go enjoy it outside and forget about this!


Leann said...

repeat after me:
It's suppose to be bumpy, that's texture, I planned it that way!

Pattie said...

Oh ya, and texture is good for babies, I forgot!