Monday, March 10, 2008

Dining Out and Book Discussion

Hubster is across the street from the little grocery store that I am going to tell you about. My neighbor is coming out of the door. We own the house where she raised her family. The house (in town) was a turn of the century (that's the 20th century mind you) Methodist parsonage. I will show you that house at a later time.

Now, where I live in the country, there isn't a whole lot of choices to eat at "dinner" time (that's lunch for those of you living in CO.). There are 2 cafes, a Pizza Hut, a hamburger joint (that really needs some help in the cooking department) and a restaurant to the east of us and where we get our mail from to the west is a little cafe inside a grocery store, where you can get homecooked meals complete with dessert and drink for $4.00 (no tipping allowed). Today we had chicken and homemade noodles over mashed potatoes for the main entree. Hmm, just like grandma used to make, right? My stepson is in absolute heaven when he eats there, as he is one of those BIG eaters. It's really filling. We like to go there once in awhile, to feel like we belong, I guess. Then we did some grocery shopping in the tiny store, which has a little bit of everything. Our good neighbor, Neil, gave us some pecans in the shell, and I knew we had long gotten rid of our nutcracker, and wouldn't you know it the little store had one in the dry goods department. They have nuts and bolts and sewing stuff and plumbing stuff, too!

What was really fun, is we took the VW vanagon that hubster bought in Minnesota last fall. It IS running, not exactly purring yet, but getting there. It is a diesel and only goes tops 62 mph on the straight away. Really slows (like 42) on the hills, but hey, we were in style in the little town. Slowly this van will come alive, I feel.
We really need some body work done on it, it is so rusty in places, but haven't been able to get ANYONE here to give us an estimate. So, that makes us want to learn to DO IT OURSELVES. Who knows, maybe in my next life, I will be a "body (wo)man"!

BTW got a new book in the mail and if you are an artist, it is a must read!!!
It was suggested on Robert Genn's site. "Art & Fear - Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking" by David Bayles and Ted Orland. It helps you ask yourself, "What is your art really about? Where is it going? and What stands in the way of getting there?" It's one of those reads you would love to process with other peeps. So I will take it to the Palette Club meeting and I will mention here, IF anyone is interested in having an online book discussion let me know. Maybe we can find a site that allows forums to discuss literature? I got the book on Amazon in the used column, but it was brand new for about $7. It is $12.95 new from Amazon.


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