Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Off the Easel

There comes a point, where you can work a piece to death and lose all the freshness and likeness that occurred. I almost did that. I have come to the conclusion that including more than one person in a portrait is very difficult. This was my challenge and I think for the most part it came out OK. The figure furthest to the left got her eyes redone, and now I notice they are a little askew. That is what I often observe on other artist's portraits, and it bugs me really bad...but I am done with this one for now. This was purely practice, it's in a mat, on the "art rail" in the studio, for me to continue to self-critique. It was my challenge for the week!

"Katie, Ryan and Leslie" image size 16" x 20" pastel on sandpaper


n. rhodes harper said...

Cool Pattie! I love that you photographed the process. Wonderful. You have inspired me to do a portrait today! Cheers! Nancy

Susan Carlin said...

Pattie-this portrait is fresh and contemporary and just plain beautiful. Take a bow, my friend!