Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shadow Box and Painting for Today

Hubster and I have done our engineering of my own shadow box for placing still lifes in, to paint. Artist Carol Marine uses one. I was able to look at, listen to the design and then was able to come up with our own from being involved in the Carol Marine/Karin Jurick workshop in Austin a few weeks ago. Plus my artist friend Nancy Rhodes Harper built hers this week and passed on the ins and outs of creating one.
Today I painted my "froggy" beanbag doll. He used to be tossed around the classroom when we played "word and sound" games. (You encourage participation, if you toss the beanbag object and a child catches it. It was a way to get those non-participators to participate!) So Froggy has done his life's work and is now living with his caretaker in the studio!

"Froggy" - original oil painting, 5" x 7" on gesso'd hardbord by Ampersand

Below is a photo of the froggy doll, just so you know what a froggy doll is. He is resting from the "pose" I had him do. I almost put him away, then thought you would like to have a visual on the whole thing.

Then here is a photo of what the shadowbox looks like. I need to rearrange myself around it, as I have to lean in to use my viewfinder, but then I am too far away at the easel. So a little readjustment of furniture etc. is due. Also, I need to put it on a tripod, so it is a little higher, but that is for later.

I am already onto the next painting. Decided to come in, have dinner, get 'sweats' on, cover up with a blankie, warm up with the wiener dogs and watch the tube! Ha! The wind is chilly today!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This looks like the same contraption Carol Marine uses.
I love the beanbag painting.

Pattie said...

It is the same "tool" Carol uses, that's where I learned "how to make one", plus I had help from my artist friend Nancy Rhodes Harper. It does pump up those shadow colors!

n. rhodes harper said...

WOW! good job on the box and the bean bag is wonderful, great subject and the painting is so painterly. You should be really pleased! (thanks for the mention)