Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Station Break!

We have just finished 4 beautiful days in the Gunnison, Colorado area. What a treat! Here are a few photos from there! Friday I will continue with the Twelve Days in Guatemala.
Here is the "Mother Ship" all set-up at the Elk Creek Campground at Blue Mesa reservoir.

Of course, every night we had a great campfire. We even got to watch the full moon come up over the horizon, as we listened to howling coyotes crossing the area, our dogs barked back. BTW, there was frost on the picnic table that morning!
Above is a view of Blue Mesa Lake and the Mesas in the distance. We looked at a 40 acre property in the area of the lake and dreamt about living in a fairly primitive area that had a great 360 degree view...including the Pinnacles at Blue Mesa and Red Mountain above Ouray. Sometimes, we are very tempted. We are still young enough to enjoy the 'raw' kind of living. I bought some Power Ball tickets today, $136 million would certainly allow it. Ha!


H-T said...

Your back in Colorado! Are you heading to Denver? Shana and I would love a visit!

Pattie said...

Sorry, we are now back in Kansas! We were on a whirlwind tour. Blew through to see the baby, and then off to Gunnison, and blew through town one more time. Hope you guys are doing well - teaming together, wow!