Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day Five of Twelve Days in Guatemala

Today we painted and although I was just bursting to paint all along, we really haven't been in one place long enough to do so. After all the rain the night before and the possibility of more, we took our easels and paints to a place just inside a screened in porch and painted from a still life set-up. The flowers were so awesome here and we had a couple of choices for subject matter. After a demo by Kaye, and how she would paint it, we began by choosing which set-up we liked and got down to business. Keep in mind that all of my paintings on this trip are "plein air" studies. There are several ways to do plein air, either by sketching on location, making notes on colors and light, and finishing in the studio; beginning a painting on site, photographing and finishing in the studio; or like these are - painting what we see within 2 hours - light changing, color temperature changing, and then no intent to finish in the studio, and they are just that "studies"! A lot of these are fairly dry, and a little fingered..thanks to TSA upon my return flights. They check everything, even your wet canvas. Oh well, I am lucky that I got to my destination without any supplies being confiscated and then the trip home, same thing. Some of the travelers got their brush/paint cleaners removed from their bags, even though they were non-flammable. There is a certain way you need to address your supplies when flying. Call them 'artist colors' (not paint), download the MSD sheets on the paints as well as your cleaner, in this case I used a Turpenoid product called Natural Turpenoid, and a letter stating that painting is my profession, I spend lots of money on supplies, they are safe and I have no intention of traveling with any that aren't unsafe.
"Finca Still Life" 8" x 10" oil on canvasboard
Just a couple more photos of this place. We are on to our next destination, Lake Atitlan.

This is me at the lagoon we hiked to and the grounds at the Finca are below.

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